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Re: Work Permit, Arranged Employment in CANADA

Originally Posted by echarcha
From what I have heard from one member of our site is that medical treatment in Canada is very expensive and scarce. They have 'municipal hospital in India' style 'socialised' medicine. If you have something simple like a cold and cough then you might get 'free' medicare, but for anything more serious, there are folks who come over to USA and get the treatment.

Please check with folks you might know in Canada.
medical system sucks, medical system is controlled by govt so no pvt hospital(unlike USA/India), medicare is free from top level for every one but then you pay huge tax which will kill you.
you have no choice but to wait in queue only life threatning people can see doc in 2-4 hour.

there is more possibility that you can die by viral fever then you can die by bomb explosion in Iraq.

people died because of phnumonia/ some normal diseases, while waiting for doc, they will not even give you antiboitic till you about to die and lucky enough to see the doc.

it's just like if delhi have AIIMS and you have to go there only, you don't have to pay for doc but looooooooooong queue.

and You have to pay for drugs which is expensive any way.

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