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Re: Should nude pics be allowed in Lal Mirchi?

Originally Posted by bramptonmt
Right now access to Lal Mirchi is allowed only for registered users and they can post only non-nude pics (no frontal nudity).

Do you think..........
1. It should remain that way! (U/A)
2. Topless pics be allowed (X)
3. Full frontal nudity be allowed (XX)
4. Hardcore sex pics be allowed (XXX)
I think only religious deities/symbol pics should be posted in Lal Rasam and maybe,if it doesn't offend the sensibilities of the general populace, you can also post pics of your unpainted footnails and lines of grime on the back of your filthy neck.

It'sh jusht my opineeeeeion..pleash don't delete theesh
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