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Re: How is buddhism similar to hinduism?

Originally Posted by sarv_shaktimaan View Post
how so? vegetarianism to the hilt?
Food habits is just one part. The teachings, values and principles of both the religion are more or less the same.

Lord Buddha and all the 24 Tirthankars of Jainism were born to kings and they all had given up everything in search of knowledge.

There are some who wrongly believe that both the religions have originated around the same time but Jainism is pretty old compared to Buddhism.

The 24th Tirthankar- Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha had been in around the same period. But there had been 23 more Tirthankars prior to Lord Mahavir, probably proving that Jainism might have been there for a few thousands of years before Buddhisim started flourishing.
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