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What are your thoughts on Virtual Puja?

I am a graduate student doing research on virtual or e-puja and would be very interested to hear your thoughts. The purpose of my paper will be to research the effects and changes made to Hindu community and worship due to modern technology, such as the internet. My investigation will focus on e-puja and the way this form of worship contrasts with the more traditional manner. If you could comment on the following questions or issues I have not mentioned, it would be greatly appreciated!

- “Do you feel the spiritual experience of e-puja is equivalent to traditional puja?”
- “Do you feel as if you are in the presence of the deity during e-puja?”
- “Is there a generational difference regarding feelings about e-puja?”
- “Do you receive darsan through e-puja?”
- “Does the internet make traditional pilgrimage obsolete?”
- “How might one present offerings during e-puja?”
- “How might one receive prasad during e-puja?”
- “Is e-puja practiced in India?”
- “How has the internet affected other areas of your worship?”
- “How has the internet affected communication in the Hindu community?”

Thank you!
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