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Re: Who is Asaduddin Owaisi ?

Originally Posted by sarv_shaktimaan View Post
fundoo is a gaali? okay, you can leave this thread alone. wtf is kosher, other than Jewish equivalent of halal? I don't have time for this shit.
That is not the issue. Am making an exception and posting, Mr. Trying to be Disingenuous. Borrow a dick and try finding meaning :-)

The issue is that you as Mod, because you could not stomach a riposte (find a dick again without asking wtf that is), abused your effing Mod power and threatened. Bobus does not tolerate such abuse. Hope your higher Admins do not find what I have posted obtuse. That you claim something is obtuse is a tribute to your IQ :-)

I will not leave any thread I chose to post it alone, just because an obtuse Mod says so. Get it? You own forum. I own my posts.
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