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Re: Word of mouth info is more reliable & authentic than Indian media

Indian media: Russians in Goa are very friendly to Indians.

One guy who has actually seen Goa closely:

Tourism does bring money to the Goan economy your right, but what is more important money or self respect?

The racism towards the Indians and Goan people by the 'foreign' crowd in Goa is obvious, it's basically an open secret and I am shocked to the extent of it.

It is manifested through varying degrees of racial bias, when does racial bias begin to delve into racism? Well if someone ostracizes a whole group of people and excludes them from their social circles even if they do make exceptions at times this is objectively racist.

This in itself is found within every foreign resident community in Goa. But evidently the Russians and Israelis are the worst at the more subtle end of prejudice not handing out party leaflets to Indians and Goan's so they can avoid them as best as they can. And at the worst end in some quite uncommon cases even refusing Indians entry to parties or refusing service to Indians at beach shacks, it's appalling behavior and shouldn't be acceptable in any way whatsoever.

Those involved in the worst type of discrimination should be deported. To make things worse the foreign crowd in Goa despite loving our culture so much and copying it they completely look down on us as a people, it's bizarre.

The foreign crowd in Goa have made somewhat of a subculture which consists of copying Indian culture and yet looking down on Indians themselves and excluding them from their social circles. I am not saying all are like that, but most are - A lot of Russians aren't merely on vacation in Goa on the contrary many are migrating there, when with such a poor attitude they shouldn't be living there in the first place.

More stringent rules should be placed on the Russians who have made Goa their new 'home' - All those who have been involved in the worst end of discriminatory behavior (Like DJ XP Voodoo a well known Russian trance DJ who refused to let Indians into a party a few years back) should be prosecuted and subsequently deported and barred from entering the country ever again. Sorry for the length of my post, but it was necessary to get my point across in a nutshell.
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