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Arrow Re: Mumbai utterly disappoints.

Originally Posted by Ambernath View Post
I had expectations and I was in awe about Mumbai due to two reasons. I have fond memories of growing up in Mumbai. In childhood, you don't have sense of quality. Moreover nostalgia distorts memory. Secondly, I had heard stories of Mumbai, implying greatness of the city. The tall claims included description like financial capital of the country, the city that never sleeps, fast-paced and efficient work culture, low cost of living, people having sharp intelligence, etcetera. Now I have seen the city after attaining maturity and I know that except the tag of financial capital, the perception of awesomeness of Mumbai is all bullshit.

How I wished the above cited stories were true. But to my dismay the actuality of Mumbai is as follows:

People, especially women (both locals as well as many immigrant settlers of that city) are ugly. The food there doesn't taste good. The prices of anything and everything in Mumbai is same as in Mysore or Bangalore. The people's IQ is pretty average. People are scary. Most are either corrupt or outright criminal minded and some are blood-thirsty demons. People's body language is obnoxious.
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