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Re: Picture of the Day

Originally Posted by tantric_yogi View Post
He is a good man ... his humility explains why majority of Americans felt comfortable enough to vote him back to the presidency. Common people can identify with this president. He is not and does not claim to be as intelligent as Clinton. He is no Reagan ... has no charisma ... he knows. He is smart enough to have admitted being member of our LLKC. He is a good man. More power to President BUSH! He is just the person US wanted in post 9/11 era. Only if these liberals and civil right chewtiyaas could shut the fo(k up so he can finish his job ... crush terrorists.

And because he is not an Indian ... he will do what is best for his own country ... fair. Some among us Indians should hold no grudges ... few among us just hev no inkling of what it is like to be patriotic, proud of place of your birth.
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