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Re: How many times a week do North-Indians take bath?

Originally Posted by MsShaanze View Post
ok, i don't mean to demean anyone here but this topic brought back tons of memories from my boarding school days on Saturday nights, we girls from our boarding school were allowed to play the music & dance in the theatre room. only a few of us would dare to get up & jive together. oh, the dancing feets, the light embraces, the beautiful bodies rubbing against each other- was so much fun .. always felt as tho we danced away in utter harmony. wonder how we knew in advance what was to be done with our feets & arms. anyhow, after these performances sometimes we saw classical dances (from the South Indian movies) & we always made fun of 'em. the music was painful & hard on the ears & oh the postures omfg the squatting/chamberpot moves were utterly disgusting. then, everything to do with South India, it's language, it's culture, was for the tasteless. we were partial when it came for the North Indian music/dances .. but while all of that was appealing, somehow it still didn't attract or hold our attention for more than a few seconds. NI dancers always seemed to have lost whatever grace they had in trying to execute the steps, it felt too mechanical. anyway, we belonged to the convent crowd, so anything to do with Bollywood/Tollywood music/dance was sometimes sneered at. the bolly/tollywood dances were only for the middle class, the locals, the frogs-in-well who were never aware of the outside world. such crazy world we lived in-crazy fun days!
You could have waited and posted your off-topic stuff later to bump up the thread when it turns dead.
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