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Re: Renewing Indian passport in USA - Your opinions, experiences?

hello everyone , i am living in the houston tx for over ten years and recently went to the indian consulate for renewing my indian passport which has expired for over 10 years and that passport was issued to me from india . the lady at the indian consulate in houston told me that it will take 6 to 7 months to renew the passport . i told her i need it for my green card as it is about to be approved any time , i gave her my work permit and all other stuff . then she told me that speak to the consulate officer , when i went there the receptionist told me to come back after a week , by then your case might have opened up so the officer knows what i am talking about . i just want some one to tell me is this normal that it might take this long to get my passport renewed in this kind of case, and is there anything i can do to fasten the process .
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