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Re: Who is Asaduddin Owaisi ?

Originally Posted by sgars View Post
Hindu Fundamentalism predates Independence. Muslim Fundamentalism predates British rule.
Well tried.
Muslim fundoos cannot predate Mohammad.
Hindu privileged caste fundoos predate even Christ and Buddha.

Which fundoo came first is not important. Excusing one fundoo by making the claim that he came later exposes lack of commitment to secularism.

Originally Posted by sgars View Post
It provided the kickstart. It was followed by Ram janmabhoomi verdict and general disillusionment with Rajiv Gandhi (which also benefitted VP Singh).
Still too simplistic.

Hindu fundoos existed in Kangress at independence. Hence:

1. The surreptitious insertion of cow slaughter ban in directive principles of Constitution - that is appeasement of Hindu privileged castes.

2. Also the 1950 Presidential Order that declares that Ram Chamar (SC, not Sudra, but descendant of untouchable) is not SC if he becomes Peter Chamar or Rahim Chamar. See

3. Ban on cow slaughter put in place by several State legislatures under Cong rule.

In 1984, because of extraordinary circumstances, Hindu fundoo vote went to Cong. Hence the two seats for BJP.

Forgetting Hindu appeasement conveniently is the hallmark of the Hindu fundoo who only talks of Muslim appeasement. The secular will talk of both appeasements and condemn both.

A Govt that departs from secularism strengthens both types of fundoos - that is what Kangress did by equal and opportunistic appeasement.

Feku-RSS-BJP is beyond opportunistic appeasement of both. It is programmatic appeasement of one.

The Hindu fundoo virus growth is part of a larger sociological phenomenon. European societies saw similar viruses at similar stages of development. It has to do with economic rise of a lumpen semi-literate class (even though it has degrees) that is conservative, brazenly religious and seeks to impose itself on others. Some members of this class can also manipulate a few keys on a keyboard to produce Ingilis words - that however is not a sign of education.

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