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Re: Pushya Nakshatra - Astrology gone haywire!

Originally Posted by Napolean View Post
Astrology is not a science. Its very basis that movement of planets can predict the future is unreasonable.
The word is Graha, Planet is a lose and wrong translation of it.There is no english equivalent of the Sanskrit word Graha.Had they been planets,Rahu and Ketu wouldnt have been included. They are merely centres of energy,worthy of being Grahan,grahan karnay yogya.

Similarly the word is Bhaav as in Bhaavna,thoughts, feeling, and not house.

Similarly the word is Jyotish, the thing that I am referring to. ASTROLOGY and Jyotish are two different things.

Astrology is a corrupted form of Jyotish,which is a Vedanga called Jyotish Vedang,ie ang ie organ of the Vedas.

Grahas dont cause events, they merely indicate one,they are mere indicators just as a clock hanging on your wall which cannot cause an event, but its 3 hands observed together indicate what time it is.

The zodiac above, ie cosmos above is of two types viz Siderial Zodiac viz Nirayan ,the Zodiac of the Space (coordinates), and a Tropical Zodiac ie Zodiac of the time.Siderial Zodiac is the observable zodiac, ie the one which is observable with the naked eye and tropical zodiac is the measurable Zodiac ie the one which can be measured accurately as its situated on the ecliptic unlike the siderial zodiac which is situated in the observable fixed stars( fixed in the sense that they move very slowly).

The tropical zodiac called Sayan in Jyotish is to be used only for the measurement of time and calendaring while for all horoscope purpose siderial zodiac is used.One can say its like the concept of real and apparaent in Physics.

Siderial space based zodiac is the true zodiac and tropical time zodiac is the apparent zodiac as it doesnt really exists and is merely imagined for time measurements wrt earth to be the path of ecliptic.

Tropical zodiac changes around the 22nd of a calender month and the siderial changes around 14th /15th of a month.

Similarly, Signs ie zodiac signs and Rashis are two different things and as with the limited english, sign is a lose and inaccurate translation of the sanskrit word Rashi.

12 Rashis Mesh, Vrishab, Mithun,Kark,Singh,Kanya,Tuka,Vrischik,Dhanu,makar,kumbh and meen are situated in the siderial zodiac each having a span of 30 degrees while the 12 signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini,Cancer,Leo,Virgo,Libra,Scorpio,Saggitaius,Capricorn,Acquarius and Pisces are IMAGINED TO situated on the ecliptic each again spanning 30 degrees.

Astrology which is Tropical zodiac based ie apparent zodiac based and is the one with which you all are familiar with ie the one which categorises the whole world into 12 types ie the one prevalent in the media and the west is not even rudimentary at best.

Jyotish, which is based on the siderial Zodiac ie tbe real zodiac and is the one with which most are NOT familiar with as it doesnt divides the world into just 12 types and clearly demonstrates that no two individuals can have the same birth chart, NOT EVEN TWINS born even a minute apart.

It is this Jyotish that is the light of Life that is being referred to .Word astrology ia used just to have your attention.

Astrology of the west, indeed is no science.I second that.
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