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Smile Re: Greetings to you all!

to you all.

Dear friends, I came prepared. I was warned. You are
the kind of batch of students whom professors fear the
most. I was told to be ready to be teased and tested
like none has before.

Where do we begin?

You are an intelligent group of special people, I noticed.
It is in human nature to find find conflicts where non exist.
You are not an exception, didn't escape my attention. This
is why we must philosophize together.

Where do we begin? Let's start with where many of
our brothers and sister fall prey to deceit. Learning
together, we shall make certain, no one claiming to be a
theologian (Swami, Baba, Guru) deceives us by philosophy
and vain deceit. We will not suspend our beliefs and faith,
but we shall learn to use common sense and intelligence
to understand better our religion. .

Where do we begin?

Philosopher. Theologian. Spiritual Advisor.
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