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Re: Tweet of the day

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Stuck at the airport bcoz of birth certificate
Sushma's twitter hotline
While Sushma Swaraj faces flak from the Congress party and the news media over the Lalit Modi case, the External Affairs minister continues to help normal Indian citizens who ‘tweet’ her their problems. Beyond the political skirmishes in newsrooms across the nation, Sushma Swaraj has elevated the stature of the MEA, through her ‘direct governance’ approach interacting with voters via social media to address their problems. Delhi-based businessman Monty Chadha spoke to me about how Sushma Swaraj recently came to his family’s aid.

CNN-IBN: What predicament did your family face that prompted you to reach out to Sushma Swaraj?

Monty Chadha: On Friday June 19, my sister and her family were detained at the airport in Cape Town since my niece was not carrying her birth certificate. Indian passport holders ideally should not be carrying any such document as the date of birth and parents’ name is mentioned on the passport itself. But apparently, South Africanauthorities have made it mandatory from June 1 to carry birth certificates to prevent human trafficking. The travel agent in India did not mention any such thing. My sister started panicking as her flight boarding time was approaching. My nephew sent a WhatsApp message to me stating the problem. I called up my sister and she told me about what was going on. While I was thinking about whom to contact I just happened to tag a tweet to the MEA and Sushma Swaraj appealing for help.

CNN-IBN: What help did the MEA provide?

Monty Chadha: Sushma Swaraj contacted me over Twitter by first favoriting the tweet within 5 minutes. I didn't understand it at first, as I am new to Twitter. I called my sister again and asked if the authorities had allowed her to board. The MEA had called up my sister assuring her that someone from the Indian High Commission in Pretoria will get in touch. MEA took about 15 minutes to call my sister after the tweet. The Indian High Commission sorted the issue out and my sister and her family boarded the flight soon after.

CNN-IBN: Would you say Sushma Swaraj has set a new standard of governance as External Affairs Minister?

Monty Chadha: Of course I would feel it’s a new benchmark as I had a first hand experience. I was later talking to my younger brother about how earlier we would not have even imagined getting through to the MEA or any higher authority. My family’s problem was solved all thanks to Sushma Swaraj and social media.

CNN-IBN: What message do you wish to convey to Sushma Swaraj?

Monty Chadha: I would like to thank her and wish her all the best to continue the good work.
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