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Post Most probably my marriage is off.

Most probably my marriage is off. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The curious thing is how the engagement materialized without any effort from my side. Her goonda detective family investigated so much. The goondas couldn’t find out anything although I didn’t hide. I didn’t even lie. Ha! Ha! Ha! It took my revelations for her Mom to know the truth. Till then she was so happy and excited about this prospect for her daughter.

I will tell how all this happened if anybody is interested.

Reason for cancellation of marriage: It was perhaps a mismatch. That girl is a consultant in a leading MNC. My case seems hopeless. My superiors do most of my work and allow me to stay in the organization. I simply stand and collect the salary. If I am fired it will be next to impossible for me to find a job. Her career is in initial stage and already her salary is Rs 1 lakh/month. My salary is less than Rs 10,000/-.

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