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Re: Untold story of India's Independence

Originally Posted by kalidas View Post
We all know that India got Independence from Britain in Aug 15th 1947; splitting British India into India and Pakistan. We give all the credit to Indian National Congress for the freedom struggle. While there may be truth to it, but I doubt whether it's the full truth. The 'weapons' we used were 'truth' and 'non-violence'. How do you negotiate independence with a war-hardened, racist mofo like Winston Churchill using petty bs like truth and non violence? It's like taking a pocket knife to a machine gun battle.

So, if our 'freedom struggle' wasn't the core reason for our independence, what could it be? Here's my $0.02 conspiracy theory.

In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and started World War 2. It subsequently went on to conquer (along with Italy) all of Europe and had a pretty darn successful invasion campaign against Russia; until Russia finally came back.

In the first few years of WWII, Germany launched a hugely successful war campaign. They declared war on Britain. They bombed the crap out of british cities and ships. British were desperate. Their only viable savior was the United States. The US did not want to get involved in another war in Europe. But Churchill was a great statesman and got Franklin Roosevelt to support them financially and share military weapons (ships, tanks, planes, technology, etc.)

America was always a bit skeptical about the British. They didn't want the British to USE them to drive away Germany and then expand it's own imperial territories.

on Aug 14th, 1941, the US and Britain signed the Atlantic Charter. "The Charter stated the ideal goals of the war no territorial aggrandizement; no territorial changes made against the wishes of the people, self-determination; restoration of self-government to those deprived of it; reduction of trade restrictions; global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all; freedom from fear and want; freedom of the seas; and abandonment of the use of force, as well as disarmament of aggressor nations." (from Wikipedia).

Roosevelt (President) and Henry Wallace (Vice President) were very supportive of an independent India. Churchill did not want to discuss India with the Americans.

Then Japan attacked British territories. Malaysia, Singapore and Burma fell to Japan. The captured Indian army defected to the Japanese and formed the Indian National Army and were helping Japan. Indian Army folks were defecting.

The British were sweating bricks. Under pressure from the US, the British appointed Stafford Cripps - a highly left-leaning politician - to negotiate self determination for India. He assured India's independence after the war, but with full support during the war. Gandhi wanted full control during the war. Negotiations failed. Shit broke loose.

Churchill pretty much sidelined Cripps, even though he was quite popular in Britain. Gandhi lauched Quit India movement, but the British rounded them all up and threw their ass in jail and kept them there all through the war. Nothing productive came out of the INC during the time the British were most vulnerable. They wrote some letters and articles, but in the war between pen and sword, sword won!

Japan bombed Pearl Harbon in Dec 1941 and the US got into the war. After that, US did not want to meddle in British internal politics while the Allies were embroiled in the war.

After the war was over, the British tried to regain their foothold in India somewhat. Britain suffered immensely during the war. Cities had been bombed intensely by the German V1 and V2 bombs. Their army, navy and airforce were severely weakened.

In India, headaches mounted with the Indian National Army trials and the Royal Indian Navy mutiny.

Atlee became Prime Minister and decided it was time to pull out. They raped the country by pillaging from Indian coffers and princely states, cut up the country into 2 parts - specifically Punjab and Bengal, and left the country in tatters.

INC conveniently walked to the podium and claimed all the glory.
The Roosevelt part is from Oliver stone documentary you have been seeing
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