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Unhappy Undiscovered type of memory damage: Almost all Indian doctors incapable of comprehending

The memory tests used by medical professionals are outdated & extremely flawed and cannot be applied to many cases.

Let me use analogy to drive home the point. Imagine a promising swimmer and a promising cyclist who were respective champions at junior and college levels till age 20. These sportspersons are overrated in this story but that’s not the topic. Suddenly at the age of 22, the swimmer and the cyclist claim that they are unable to swim and ride bicycle at all. When they try, they lose the balance. As if they had never learnt it in lifetime. The doctor folks whom they consult listen patiently and speak in a reassuring tone. The patients caution that their damage is of unusual kind and wonder whether the existing tests can detect the problem. The doctors reply that there is a varied range of tests which covers every kind of damage. Patients trust the doctor.

The tests begin. The sportspersons are told to walk. And then they are told to run. Then they are told to write with legible handwriting by copying from a newspaper. Of course they carry out all the tasks perfectly.

The doctors declare that the tests have been done and the subjects are normal. The sportsperson ask, "What about the lost ability to swim and ride bicycle? If walking, running, handwriting and reading haven't been affected, it doesn't necessarily mean that swimming and riding skills are intact."

The doctors have endless number of excuses to brush aside the complaint. The reasons they give are amazingly exasperating!

Sample 1:
Doctors say, "Everyone’s caliber isn't the same." Where does the question of caliber come in this? Just two years earlier they were champion swimmer and cyclist respectively.

Sample 2:
Doctors say, "You cannot be your earlier self." What??!!! Why should time or age be a factor here? How great is the difference between 20 and 22?

Sample 3:
Doctor said, "Use study techniques and mnemonics. I will suggest you guide books." This is like this anecdote. Patient complains that his right hand is paining. The doctor, instead of examining, directly says, “Use left hand. Don’t use right hand.”

Sample 4:
Doctor said, "Your education is over. You don’t need this particular type of memory now." True. But my concern is this condition may also be having other unnoticed effects which may be paralyzing me. Atleast to know about other effects, we have to look into this memory damage.

P.S.: Don't forget like one member did that this story is analogy not the actual case.

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