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Re: Meaning of my dream ???

Dreams are the reflection of your thought process and ( brain’s neurons work ) neuron process of your mind,.. so in practical life also, don’t you take any stand for any injustice?
I bet you are the kind of person, who is driving in a car and sees someone badly hurt on the road,.. and just pass by ( dekha, undekha kar ke,.. ) you have no courage to stop for and taking the injured to hospital,
call ambulance or to provide any help,.. but you make a sliding from the scene-area and get away in your real life scenario too the same way,…..
( jaane de naa yaar,.. kaahe ko kisi ke tanta-fisaad- lafde mein ulazana,… khoon-chori-rape,… naa jaane kya case hoga,.. kaahe ko, doosaron ki aafat apne gale mein daalne ka ? ).. R U this kind of person?

Watch this vdo carefully,..

If someone is being hit/raped and perhaps this time, she may not be your sis, but some day yr sis may have the same scenario,. and that may come back to you, in a tit for tat treatizm, and that you may not like it..

The ideal example is,..
That no one stopped for that Delhi gang rape girlie Nirbahya,… and almost all drove away and thought it wise to get away with the scenario,… and not making someone’s else problem , as yours very problem,.. !!

I had read one story of a King who got one night a dream
and in the dream,.. he was scared of fighting with an elephant, he was running away and the elephant behind him,..... and he took it as a hard insult and feeling very bad of it,. …. "God darn,.. how can he safe-guard his praja,. If so !!
And he just could not take it,
and the next day he actually fought with a mad elephant until he cut off it’s head, just to make sure with himself,… that I dare not scare of an elephant even in my wildest dream ! I have to Protect my Big Praja,.. and such things should have no place in my life !

Dreams are neuron process and that also makes part of your real life persona,…
I had many such dreams like,.. on a river shore there is a high 15 feet wall and other beggar boys / street kids and all lower strata kid-boys are jumping and splashing into the river
from that 11 feet high wall/rock,..
and I am afraid, I just can not do it, and I cowardly keep them watching,.. and that’s what I am in my real life too, btw,... !

Same brain neuron processing work, gave the very reflection of my typical mentality, even in the dream !

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