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Smile Greetings to you all!

Aum Sri Ganeshayah Namh!

Greetings to you all!

Please treat me as a friend and a humble colleague. A good friend
of ours, who happens to be a member here, has kindly invited me
to cater to your spiritual needs.

I shall make it a habit to come here once or twice a month to answer
your questions and queries. I will never profess to have all the answers
all the time except that we shall share and travel together on path to
enlightenment. Together we shall search for natural truth. Sharing one
religious theology, when need is for philosophizing, when using our
collective reason, we shall never, under any circumstances, suspend our
judgment about our beliefs and our faith nor ignore the knowledge we have
through it.

Let our beliefs and our faith be our guide.


Philosopher. Theologian. Spiritual Advisor.

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