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Filing PERM and GC based on L1B

Hi all,

There is not much activity here. But as i saw one thread posted on this section. So thought of asking my doubts in here. At least there will be some one who can point me to to right forum or something.

I have recently moved to US on L1B. As of today my employer is ready to file for PERM. The only confusion for me is to be on L1B and file for it or change my status to H1B and then go ahead.

The current scenario which i have selected is to be here on L1B for another two years and start the PERM process. In between around 2014 i will initiate change of status from L1B to H1B. Which in turns will give me freedom to extend my stay here.

Is this a good option. ? The only reason i have selected this to be on L1B is that my spouse gets EAD and one can work here at least for sometime being on EAD. Then it is sure that you will not be once you get your status converted to H1B.

Do this way of handling it can have some problem later on. What best way to be in the race.?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,
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