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Old October 31st, 2000, 12:29 PM
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I am sure, all of you must have read that against a massive total of 300 runs piled up by Srilanka, Indian team with great cricketing "icons" like Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly etc etc packed up Indian inning in 53 runs, in the finals of Coca Cola trophey final match at Sharjah. A massive
defeat, which has no parallel in the history of that silly game called cricket.

I watched the game only in parts. It is very clear,the Indian team lacked in team spirit. Just two days before the finals, the Captain Ganguly makes a foolish statement about Tendulkar and then in the politician's style says "I have never said this."

We indians are highly individualistic. This drawback of ours is well known to all the nations in the world and therefore, it is so easy for them to defeat us in all walks of life, not only in sports or specifically only in cricket.

In Software, most of the times,that is what I think, the team effort is comparitively large. That is why we have survived in this field.

Lack of team work in Indians, a topic was discussed by my Director in Siemens who was a German. He lived in India for six years and travelled wide across the country, studied Indian behaviour from close quarters, analysed and then opened this topic to me one day. Since we understood each other well, he told me, "I think I know the reason why Indians lack in team effort. Since I know that you will not take me a miss, I want to tell you."

So he started: I am born in a German family, which happens to be christian family. All of us know that, this is not a programmable matter and it is a pure coincidence.That you are born in India in a Hindu family is also a coincidence. When I reached an age and started walking, my father, who
attended the Sunday Mass in the Church, took me also to church. I did not make out anything what was going on there. But, one thing was observed by me. A guy in black robe stood in the pullpit, spoke to us and everybody
listend to him in rapt attention. So, one thing was imbibed on my mind that, the guy in black robe is somebody superior to all in the audience. He is the leader of the pack and we have to follow his directives. This happened to me in my formative age, so I cherish this leader and follower
concept as one of the lasting values.

He then went on to tell that, you take any relegion in the world, there is an idea of weekly congregation, the (religious)leader speaks and all others follow him.
He then asked me, how many times a week, did I go to temple?
I admitted that I don't go at all. He said, yes I know this.
I also know that your religion teaches you "Aham Bramhasmi".

Is this not a very individualistic teaching? May be, you inadvertantly tell to yourself, who is He? I also have god in me, so, I am also equally great. He asked in the end, "you think over and let me know if there is an
iota of truth in what I have told you."

His analysis was based on pure and simple observation and to me it appealed very much. What about you?
I will be interested to know it.

There is an extension to this. I was invited as a Chief Guest to a function organised by Nashik Zilla Kabaddi Federation. Dr.Vasant Pawar, the then MP from Nashik was the President of the Federation. I was expected to
deliver a speech. I spoke about "Sound mind in a sound body etc etc.But then I told the big gathering of about 28 teams a humourous anecdote. I told them that all of you know that in Delhi Asiad, the game of Kabaddi was introduced.As expected,the Indian Team won hands down. Won the Gold Medal too. --- but then the proests were lodged by many countries,
requesting the withdrawal of the game. Then the protest committee called the complaining countries one by one. The Japanese were called first. The committe asked why do you want the game of Kabaddi withdrawn? The Japanese
Rep answered that Sir, no other country has ever got a chance to win a gold in this game. The Committe told him Why not? With little effort and practice you can also attain the skill.
The Japanese replied- that is not possible. The Indians are "born" with the knowledge "How to pull the legs" and nobody can compete with them in this art."

End Effect_ Kabaddi stands withdrawn from Asiad.

Do you think there is any truth in this lightly told anecdote? I would like to know your views.
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Old November 1st, 2000, 12:03 AM
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Is your question as simple as 'is the enecdote true'?
I presume you do not intend to ask that. It may be true may be not.

But there are two things in your post that draws attention:

One is: Indians are good in pulling each other's legs
Another: Individualism is the root of the problem or lets say one of the factors creating the lack of team spirit.

First one: I don't believe in generalized statements. Everything depends on the individual.
Second one: Totally wrong.

Those who are confident about themselves whether they are Indians or Germans never get into leg pulling business.

Lot can be said and discussed, this is a interesting topic.

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