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Old October 14th, 2000, 12:55 PM
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Mr Rajdeep Sardesai,

Regarding a recent episode of your TV show : The Big Fight

I think you are a man of strong likes and dislikes. You like
personalities like Laloo, Amarsingh, Mayavati, Yetchuri etc.
You do not like upright and transparent persons like Mr.KPS Gill. I am sure this is not the first time you have called Mr.Gill in the ring. Last time you called him, you ended up getting a bloody nose from him for your childish interruptions in his argument. You were snubbed in the past for the same reason also by Mr.Sikandar Bakht and Late Mr.Kumarmangalam. You seem to be a very bad learner. You should go to some one who is better than you in the art of conducting such programmes.I think, even Mr.Pranoy Roy
will be able to give you few tips on this. But, you have a strong memory of the events of the near past. You did not
forget the last encounter with Mr.Gill and you came prepared to show him again in bad light.

This time, the history repeated and you received beautiful upper cuts from Mr.Gill and you had to fall in silence, pretty sheepishly.

It has come out loud and clear that this nation recognises only one sport i.e. "CRICKET". A British legacy, cherished by one billion indians. This nation really eats cricket and also drinks cricket. Inspite of the fact that it has now been proven beyond doubt that this game is full of corruption, managed by corrupt people and played by corrupt players, you in the fourth estate like to give the news in big print that Dravid has scored 37 runs and helped some third class cricket club in England's (BACK HOME for
many people)county game. When this is the fact of life, why are you expecting tonnes of gold, silver and bronz at Olympics? Just forget it. If anything in Olympics has to happen, first do something to shift the focus from that
CRICKET and encourage other games.

Mr.Ferreira said a very pertinent sentence in his remarks. This nations population is busy solving the basic problem of "ROTI,KAPDA AUR MAKAAN". Obviously everything else comes later. Your persistent argument was "a population of 1 billion comes home with one paltry bronz medal."

Should you or for that matter anybody at all be wondering about it? Mr.Sardesai, it is not the quantity but the quality that matters. Half hungry population, let it be 2 billions, can not bring loads of gold. Our under developed nation is spending trillions of dollars in buying
arms, warplanes, submarines to defend its borders from vicious neighbours. This is forced on us. The international oil prices have worst ramifications on the economy of this nation. This is why there is a meagre budget for sports.On the top of it we have our kind of politicians who have put
self interest before the nation.Thousands of crores are sucked in scams. Obviously, there is Rs.100 crores budget only for the sports. Do you have any reason to crib about it? Should you not know this? Mr.Sardesai, you are really a man with short vision, as was told by Mr.Gill.You want
to ignore all these facts and do the disection in isolation and if possible nail Mr.Gill or Mr.Kalmadi.

Remember, Barbados has no such problem. Australia has no such problem. Mr.Sardesai,in this country if you have
to get any employment to make your living when you grow and not die of hunger, then one has to study.This is the kind of employment market in India. There is only one way out if you are a dull student, you must atleast see to it that you play cricket ON or OFF the field and make money. This is possible. You also seem to foreclose your mind to a person and therefore, do not properly listen to the arguments put up by people, whom you don't like. For example, Mr.KPS Gill. You tried to put words in his mouth, again a
childish effort on your part to snub him.Mr.Gill had never blamed the players for the defeat in this tournament.In fact, he was telling us what is required to be done more to cover the present deficiencies. You kept on harping that
he had blamed the players. Obviously,on the rebound, you got the prize for your lack of understanding.A solid punch on your nose from Mr.Gill. Always remember that you are on screen and we TV watchers also listen carefully.

You tried to drag Mr.Gill into open discussion on past players and coaches.Why did you do this? You like such controversies? Do you want that Mr.Gill tells to the open forum the bad patch in some body's life for which the player is given punishment? This is character assasination of worst

Mr.Sardesai, one must know ones limits even when he has a powerful media in his hands. Your question to Mr.Gill- if as a non player should you be leading IHF. Mr.Gill had to snub you again by reeling out his credentials as a sportsman. Mr.Sardesai, you should atleast study the biodata of famous
personalities you call in the ring. You should atleast know that you are talking to India's "THE AND ONLY SUPER COP" and not to an ordinary Havaldar who has earned millions as a cricket bookie.

Again Mr.Sardesai,try and put your question in such a way that you do not insult such famous personalities. For you,the only person you salute is Mr.Murdoch. We comon Indians have our Role Models like Mr.KPS Gill and
Mr.Michael Ferreira and we don't like them to be treated badly, even by the FOURTH ESTATE.

Your LOVE for cricket is also a legacy and that is why everytime Mr.Kalmadi said some facts about cricket and its indirect relation to miserable performance of nation in other sports, you and others shouted him down. Do you think by silencing Mr.Kalmadi will help improve the situation? The
craze of cricket is declining.Only your Sports and ESPN channels are trying to hold it aloft. The reason? MONEY that they earn on this game in India and nothing else.
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Old October 15th, 2000, 09:22 AM
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