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Old August 26th, 2000, 12:19 AM
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I would appreciate if any of out North Eastern , members would comment on this , and shed some light on this article that i came across in MSNBC !

This article made me feel all sick .. Just imagine , our own fellow Indians are made to feel like outsiders .. This is really dumb .. even after 50+ years of independence this is what Indians get treated like in their own country . I know that this is not the forum to put up a posting like this . But unfortunately , this is exactly what the students from NE India are made to feel like . Studying abrad ,, and put up with all sorts of criticisms . people from the NE have been laying down their lives for the country in times of need , and their people are subjected to this kind of humiliation !
Its different thing when u get treated like shit in your own country .. Another kashmir/khalistan in the making ?

Outsiders in their own country: North-Eastern students face prejudice from classmates, teachers, administrators and landlords

Monday, August 21 (New Delhi):

On college campuses, traditional prejudices, like those against people from the North-East, are meant to evaporate in an atmosphere of learning and student friendship. However, on one of India's best-known campuses, Delhi University, discrimination, ignorance and suspicion against students from the North-East have only deepened over time.

Viewed from their lens, the college campus--expected to be a liberal, tolerant space--appears as a hotbed of highly polarized identities. A student from Arunachal Pradesh studying at Delhi University said, There's a sort of North Indian hegemony. They understand very little about us. When I first came, they asked me which place I belonged to. When I said Itanagar, they didn't even know where it was." A student from Assam complained, "The worst thing is that they call us Chinky. We hate that. We are Indians. Our people, like Captain Norbung, laid down their lives in Kargil. They are martyrs. They fought for India. They were Assamese. So why are we called Chinkies? We are Indians, not Chinkies." A student from Manipur added, "Actually, Chinky is a term given by the British for the Chinese. It implies that we are foreigners, not Indians. Such references alienate us and create negative feelings in our mind."

In these centres of learning, ignorance and misunderstanding about the North-East runs deep. Speaking about his North-Eastern campus mates, a student said, "They don't accompany us although we invite everybody. Their mentality is such that they don't come with us. They like to roam around with people from their own state. They mix with them better. We all simply don't like them. They don't even think of themselves as Indians."

And so a vicious cycle sets in. Mutual suspicion and even hostility has led to what experts call a ghettoization of the students from the North-East. Internal contradictions are subordinated, and even students from Ladakh become part of a common identity based on ethnic similarities. Students choose to display their talents within their own community, like Samsin Pawlpi--a cultural organization for students from the Paite tribe of Manipur.

Mung, a student from Manipur studying for the civil services exams, said, "Once we are not accepted, we feel alienated. If we're not getting anything from this society, why should we be a part of it? For instance, you have a 15- or 16-year old coming to Delhi. He faces a lot of pressure in the place he has rented the house. Five or six years down the line, when he goes back home and is asked about his perception of Delhi, it is very negative. This continues from generation to generation. So an impression of North India is formed and an obstacle is created."

Women have a tougher time. A North-Eastern girl student complained, "Basically, because we look different, they think we have different ideas and values. That we are easy. They take it for granted that we are loose. I've been teased all year by men who are old. They come up to me and whisper in my ear, "Chinkie Pinkie come home...I'll give you a drink. It's humiliating and insulting."

Another girl narrated her experience with her teacher. "I too faced a problem. When I first came to Delhi in my first year, there was a teacher in my department who said at the beginning of the class that all North-Eastern students fail. Declaring that all of us are going to fail makes us feel inferior. They do not encourage us. I felt sad that the teachers are behaving like this. When we gave the exams, the results were good. So the teachers changed their minds and said, 'OK, you tried hard.' They shouldn't differentiate against North-Eastern students and humiliate them like this. They should encourage us."

Now, unlike in the past, North-Eastern students seem better organized against harassment. The All India Tribal People's Association takes up these issues. A member said, "Since our girls and boys have been subjected to all types of harassment, we thought of forming this organization. First, we stuck to just Delhi. I had to run around to get documents. We needed to understand what is the SC/ST Atrocities Act, how come landlords throw us out. We visited some tribal regions around the country."

Students from the North-East have to put up with the prejudiced attitudes of not just fellow students but even teachers, administrators and landlords. Academics say that, in fact, the prejudices on campus mirror the prejudices of Indian society. According to Ms. Shahana
Bhattacharya, Professor of History at Delhi University, "Differentiation based on racial differences continues. There is a definite xenophobic streak. Unfortunately, I have not seen it change since the days when I was in college. As far as their history is concerned, the process of neglect begins in school. You don't know anything. The textbooks don't tell you anything about the North-East or the history of Ladakh. But you would know all about the history of the Indo-Gangetic plain."

These serious flaws in our education system are completely overlooked. And with it is lost the important chance of evolving more informed perceptions and forging greater understanding. Instead, just the reverse process seems to be taking place. The seeds of a more divided nation seem to be sown early.
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Old August 26th, 2000, 10:34 AM
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Thankas for posting such article . We cry when were in USA or UK when they call us asians or treat us bad , we make halla bullu "racisam " . So now we ourselves practise racisam even though we are Indians . Why we have so many problems in India is , no one thinks he is Indian , always they thinkought about Tamilians, punjabis , sindhis ,Kashmiris , kannadigas etc .. so naturally that create rift in our country . Also we have some screwed up politicians like Mulayam , Mayawathi , Vajapaye , Sayed sahabbuddin , Laloo , Jayalaitha .. man no wonder , within few years u can see india disintegrate into small independent states , Oh no , am not loosing hope yaar , just am suggesting before it too late change our entire fu ..cking contistution and bring a democracy where even the president is biable to law , like how they have in USA.
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Old September 1st, 2000, 06:15 AM
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As a North Indian, I hang my head in shame after reading this article.

My father was in the Army and I spent a lot of time in Sikkim (Gangtok), Mizoram etc. In fact I consider Gangtok my spiritual home. This kind of prejudice against our countrymen is absolutely reprehensible. I don't know what else to say.
Copyright 2000 Chodu
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