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Old January 19th, 2013, 11:52 AM
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America, the faithfuls, the believers, and the twisteds and then comes Oprahs and Lances

I dont understand this country, the United States of America ...

The more I see the stupidity, the more it becomes difficult for me to believe that this country is or was the most powerful nation on earth ... I still do believe that the stupidities that caused hiroshima or the idea of commies taking over USA or this new idea that Lance Armstrong has betrayed the believers in Livestrong and shit ...

What is wrong with American people?

They are like monkeys ... some are right wingers, ultra conservatives, idiots who would not give their women the right to abort a child, and then there are liberals, who would hope that someday a man could marry a chimpanzee ... I just dont understand ...

I think I have a bright future ... My plan is to become a babaji ... not to the extreme version of Osho, but much milder and more accomodative and more politically correct ... ofcourse with such a wider spectrum of politically correct masses with disparate views about so many things, it would be a very fine line to walk to appease everyone, but what the heck, if I can do that, I deserve to fool everyone and make money ... There will be bands that I will distribute the orange color band with "LoveStrong" written over it ...

and then if I get caught with my hands in a cookie jar, I can goto the Amma of USA ... Oprah and confess ...

And ofcourse the media here is so stupid that they will make a huge hue and cry about it ... as to how the normal people's faith has been shaken ... They dont know it is the same story ... they are all being fooled ... it is like the saying that we hear in India "Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja" ...

When the whole world is made of fools and cheats, why make a big deal about someone who came to the race first 7 times ... when there are Monsantos, the Republicans, Bushes and Dick Cheneys and Assads, and Hafiz Saeed and other demented personalities .... why make a big deal?

I have a lot of faith in Lance Armstrong ... and actually I have a lot of faith in the human evolution ... Imagine, if Lance has been crossing that line 7 times in Jerusalem at the time when Jesus walked then you can easily guess, what the faithfuls would have done ... He would be on a cross hanging and Oprah would have probably become the first anointed pope to start Armstronginity ... a new religion ... In a way nothing has changed, for there are still some nations, that behead you for no apparent reason, even if that reason becomes crossing a school race while being doped ... It is a race, whether it is in the school or in the olympics ... the mentality is the same, the difference being that adults acts as children ... have you seen the maniacs cheering at NFL games ... where will such people go, they need a messiah ...

So I say, there is nothing wrong ... Cheaters like Lance should be appreciated, may be someday only such cheaters can become true messiahs ... even Gods are humans too ...But if there are demented who think that their rationality, their inner wisdom or their so-called magnetic compass has got messed up because of Lance, then I think we should have more such events, for such people are living in caves and they should be pulled out and brought under the sun ... this is because the world is like that from time immemorial ... its just that some people got caught ...but there have been thieves among us, who still are leading people to beliefs and trusts and faith and piousness, strength, wisdom etc ..

We need more Lances ...
The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear
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