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Old September 7th, 2017, 08:22 AM
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Re: Which do you think is the best religion ,and which is the worst

The whole thing is,.... at that time, the media of communication was sanskrit only,... Chopayi, duha, chhund, raasada,.. and such,.. so whaterever Tulsi wrote few ones,... Just like Nostradamus,.... ( what he wrote,.... he may not be knowing even, no1 knows that language,...but ppl are using him, in whichever the way they want,... lol ) out of his 2 rhyme lines,.. people added spices and converted it, which ever way they wanted,.. adding other 5000 lines out of those two duha/chopayis in sanskrit,.. !

So, all is man-ghadant kahaniyaa like Prem-chand and akbar-birbal,... ! Even if one had a far-dight / dirgha-drishti like Vidur or ved-vyaas,... how can he see in all the angles and direction, about what is happening with ram in panchvati / parna-kuti,... what happened to raja Dasharath when on shikaar,....and here and there and the fight of Lanka,.. etc etc,... ! Was a he a Boss of all Media, Tv and presstitutes of wire-less broad-castings with all camera all over world ?

And if he could,.... that means he was a real God and not Rama or Krishana,... !

The part, I still do not understand,.... 5000-6000+ yrs ago,... logon ko,... vriksh pe patte bhi kaise,.... veil ( banyan tree ki rassi se ) se si kar,... priavtes ko dhaankne ke liye,.... kaise vastra banaaye, pahene jaate honge,... uus ke bhi laaale honge,....
Toh yeh Silk, zarakhi-jaama,... and rang-be-rangi chemicals - color waale,.....vastra - aabhushan, jo raam , Kirshna ur gopi o' ke badan par dekhte hai,.... woh kaun sa baap aur kaun si Mill mein silte honge ???? So ? all is bull- shitt and imaginary drawings and mano-kalpnaas,... tarangi-storiyaans,... nthg else ! )


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