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Friday Special Tickle your funny bone...

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Old March 19th, 2010, 09:04 AM
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Thumbs down Gujarat State Representation in Indian Armed Forces

this happened on 26 jan. it was a cool winter morning ,and i decided to go to shivaji park for the republic day parade.

the military in their smart uniforms paraded in the ground ,and were a sight to watch.......

after the parade ,a large group of people were discussing military matters with an officer. he was a good looking man ,fair , square-jawed and with an upright bearing.

i was naturally gravitated to this man ,and asked someone his name .his name was colonel Malhotra , i was told.

he was asked by someone in the group ,' how many marathis are in the army?'

'oh many ' he answered .'' especially from the western maharashtra region ,which also sent the first really capable defence minister of india ,yeshwantrao chavan .'' he said.

he continued ,'' actually , it was yeshwantrao who improved the morale of the defence forces after the defeat in the india china war , and then we were able to give a fitting reponse to the pak army in the 1965 war. maharashtra has always contributed to defending the borders of the country adequately , he said ,ever since the days of the marathas ."

somebody asked , '' you are a punjabi , how come you are praising the marathis so much ? "

the colonel warmed up to the topic ,'' the brave maratha and the gallant punjabi have always been friends .you see , it is a special bond formed between martial races who have fought for the country's honour together , not just now , but since the times of the mughals ."

just then a gujju dhokla asked , '' how many gujratis in the army ,sir ?''

the colonel turned red with rage and first spat at the gujrati , and said '' gujrati !!!!! arrey , hijadon ki fauj banani hai kya ???!!!!

'' why , why sir ? '' said the scared gujju .

this angered the gallant colonel further ,'' you stupid people are vegetarians and cannot stand the sight of blood !! anyway the army has hardly any gujjus ,as no gujju joins up tn the army anyway !! but if he joins , do you think he can face the tough pathans of the pakistani army ??!! the moment the enemy attacks ,these gujjus hide behind their wives saris and begin to wear bangles and leave the defence of the country to the tough punjabis , jats , rajputs and marathas !! "

somebody said , '' these gujjus earn a lot of money anyway ,while marathis dont."

'' yeah '' , said the colonel '' corrupt practices can earn you a lot of money . but remember one thing , SHER KABHI GHASS NAHI KHATA , AUR MARD KABHI GHUSS NAHI KHATA !! .

the marathis is an upright person who believes in honesty , while the ghass-phuss khane wala gujju can earn a lot of money by his corrupt practices , but can never defend even the honour of his woman as he cant fight. ultimately when it comes to defending the border of this great nation , the marathis are more useful than the cowardly gujrati , though he may be earning less money."

he further explained '' the gujratis have been ruled by others since time immemorial .the reason for this is they cant fight , and are not a martial race. first they were ruled by rajputs , then by mughals , and then they were saved from mughal clutches by marathas. foreigners raped their women , and they were able to do nothing about it !!

their financial success came about at the time of british rule ,and is relatively recent .for centuries they were ruled by others and had the status of slaves. it is only now that they are earning money."

'' remember '' he said , '' for all the boasting of his financial success , the gujrati is a HIJADA , while those who join the army are MARDS ."

I came back from the talk given by the colonel , having learnt a lesson-

if gujratis join the army ,it will become a HIJADON KI FAUJ......
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