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Old November 22nd, 2013, 11:26 AM
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Mr. Cheat.. Mr. Krishna.. Mahabharata..

Lets take the well known epic Mahabharata. It is called the "dharma yudha". I kind of not sure if that is an apt tag for it. Reasons.

Krishna promised to Bheesma Pitamaha that he WOULD NOT take part in the war in "any way shape or form". Bheeshma knew if Krishna took part in the war, the result was a foregone conclusion.

Firstly, Dhritarastra was the ELDEST son of and therefore the legal successor to the Hastinapura throne. However the law had a subclause that anyone impaired could not be an effective king and therefore he would abdicate his throne to the younger one i.e Pandu aka Mr. Gandu. But the next successor would be the son of Dhritharasthra and not of Mr. Gandu. So far with me?

So by that logic, Dhuryodhana and NOT Yudhishtra would be the legally next king.

Second iffyness.. Pandu was really a Gandu.. he could not have children of his own.. i.e he was a hijdaa.. chakka.. so the five sons of Mr. Gandu were by that bit of data, Illegitimate.. err. six if we count Karna.

And if we count Karna, then Yudhishtra is second son and not the first (Karna!!) and so is NOT the legal heir to the kingdom.

Now in comes Mr. Cheat.. Krishna.

Here are the various ways he cheated.

1. THe kavach kundala episode. Karna had kavach and kundala by virtue of which, he would be invincible.. and anyone who breaks the kavacha kundala protection would die instantly.. So Mr. K, conspires with Indra and cheats Karna to give away those two things as a daan.

2. Karna is NOT killed while fighting. He Mr. Cheat, gets his charriot stuck and Karna gets down to dislodge it he is killed on fingering by Mr. Cheat.

3. When Jayadhrata was becoming a pain in the ass, Krishna launched his Sudarshana to hide the sun and thereby creating the illusion that it was dusk and as per law, no weapons should be fired thence.. but Krishna prods Arjuna to behead Jayadratha and in one stroke Jaydhrata and Vridhakshtra (his father) get killed (former beheaded and later head bursts into 100 pieces on seeing his sons head). Krishna removes the illusion JUST MOMENTS before he tells Arjuna to kill a surprised Jayadratha. To add insult to injury, Arjuna uses his archery skills to transport Jayadhratha's head to his dad's feet.

4. Bheeshma is killed by the suggestion of Krishna. Arjuna is asked to use Shikandi an enuch as a sheild. Bheesma refuses to retaliate to the challenge of a enuch and Arjuna makes hay by firing his arrows at Bheeshma and killing him eventually.

5. Jarashangha is defeated by Krishnas advice to Bheema who throws the dismembered body headlong so it does not reattach. (He should not be trading ideas as he promised not to get involved in the fight in any "way shape or form" but having done so multiple times we get used to it by now and actually admire his craftiness)

6. Guru Dhrona. He had a son called Ashvathaama and in kuru army there was an elephant called Ashvathaama. Seeing Dhrona fight tooth and nail, Krishna suggests killing the elephant and after that informs Dhrona that Ashvathaama was killed. Knowing that is not quite possible he wants to confirm, and Dhrona knows Yudhistra never lies and so asks him.. to which Yudhishtra replies "ASHVATAHAMA HATA kintu iti gaja" i.e ASHVATHAMA WAS KILLED audiablly and but it was the elephant inaudiably (at the suggestion of you guessed who).. Thinking his son was killed, Dhrona, in grief, lays down his weapon and Arjuna promptly beheads him.

7. Gandhari had blindfolded herself cos her dear dear darlling hubby could not see. Now she had the power to see but when she would open her eyes who ever she sets her eyes on the first time, could not be hurt physically. Once all her sons died, Dhuryodhana and bheema had the gadaa yudh left. Gandhari realizes that there would be no son left to bid her the final good bye.. so she suggests to Duryodhana to go take a bath and come to her stark naked. At that point if Gandhari sees him.. his body would become like steel and so could not get hurt.

Duryodhana agrees, takes a bath and while returning to his mother naked, krishna stops him and chides him for going in front of his mother naked, being an adult.. how could he not be ashamed he is not a baby anymore.. Duryodhana explains the situation to Krishna to which Krishna replies.."Your fight, gadhe, is a gadaa fight and rules prohibit hitting below the belt.. so!!???) Duryodhana thinks yaa that is right.. so ties a cloth around his waist and goes in front of his mom.. gandhari removes the blindfold and sees him.. but the portion below the waist are not steel now.. gandhari tells him YOU IDIOT.. duryodhan explains.. nope.. Me albert einstin.. I am clever.. Anyways damage is done.. in that fight, Bheema at insistance of Mr.Cheat repeatedly hits on Duryodhana on his thighs and thus wins.

Now given this data was that a DHARAMA YUDHA?

If you ask me.. my precious GAND.
GpeL a day
Keeps mischief away.
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