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Old November 10th, 2009, 02:58 AM
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'change of guard'...

variety is the spice of life. Last time we brought about interesting changes on site and results were very positive.

In same spirit I am proposing a few changes to bring changes in administration of this site...

Before I begin...lemme first quote a very famous quotation that I read many years back reg 'leadership'..

Purpose of a leader is not to make followers but to make more leaders
as mentioned in some other thread. We have 6 moderators on this site. Over-staffed? Definitely! Moreover there is no equal representation from both sides of globe. Also some moderators have been carrying-out their duty for ages now. Nothing wrong with their administration skills but its time they need to 'create more leaders' under them!

I am proposing a new concept of moderation on Echarcha. A concept that will take moderation from generalists to so-called specialists.


1. Each sub-forum will have subject-matter specialists as moderators

2. total moderators will be 4 for each sub-forum- 2 from India and 2 from US. this will ensure 24-hr coverage of site for moderator control. ratio is adjustable.

3. Trinity- Amthaji, cooldudeji and yogiji (alphabet-wise) will be super-moderators. No, they wont have final say in anything and they can be moderators in sub-forums but they will be reserved for 'decision to ban members'

4. IP logs is an extremely sensitive issue and personally I would never like any moderator (even admin except in legal cases) to go through IP addresses of users here. So I would like IP address feature to be with admin only and once the moderators submit their request to trinity for banning members and once trinity agrees to the moderator's decision then Admin will take necessary action to ban ID at IP level or anything. This means that 'trinity' will be jury to decide on banning members and without recommendations from moderators of sub-forums they cannot exercise their powers. If personally they want to ban a member than their case should go to other two super-mods for review and consequently to admin to take action. Exception being advertisers and spammers.

5. Each sub-forum will have a sticky notification thread in which the moderator of that sub-forum will compulsorily write a short-report of changes he has carried out as part of his role. Since its a division-of-labor scenario, moderators of sub-forum wont find it a burden.

6. How the newly appointed moderators take up rules and how they work in symbiosis with their fellow moderators will decide any problems coming out from moderatorship.

I am proposing names of Echarchans who, I think, are fit to be future leaders. 2-2 moderator scenario may get changed if a suitable candidate is not found for a sub-forum from a region. U stands for US and I stands for India.

1. Echarcha Lounge


U- amthaji, dirty,
I- aragorn, swami


U- yogiji, desibaba, sunny, dirty (in case cooldude is absent for long)
I- cooldude

(since its a restricted sub-forum.cooldude's prolonged absence will not make much difference)


U- yogiji, amthaji, jai
I- aragorn


U- jai, sunny, rakhiji
I- sprite. indian (to replace jai if he is active)

e. Hindi

U- chitrala, shakti
I- aragorn, raniraja


a. taaza khabar, india/international politics, economy

U- amthaji, yogiji, sunny
I- Randheer, indian (to replace sunny if he is active)

b Defense

U- ramesh, babu
I- ashdoc, sprite


Entire forum moderators

U- rakhiji, chitrala, amthaji
I- aragorn


Entire forum moderators

U- Ravi, amthaji, dirty
I- aragorn


Bargain basement, life-abroad, jobs

U- amthaji, dirty, ravi
I- cooldude/aragorn


U- sunny, jai
I- ashdoc, sprite


U- yogiji, rakhiji, amthaji
I- cooldude

Science and technology

U- ravi, dhurandhar
I- aragorn, jana05

entire forum

U- saneless, chitrala, dhurandhar/landya (both are not regular)
I- cooldude (to replace dhurru and landya if they are not regular), aragorn


U- amthaji, yogiji, sunny
I- cooldude


a. Poetry, musik, films

U- chitrala, shakti
I- khaski_khopari, milanfanabhi

b. puzzles and sports

U- charchilla, chitrala, napolean
I- cooldude

c. audio/video and TV Radio

U- dirty, amthaji, jai
I- aragorn


U- chitrala, shakti
I- raniraja, aragorn


entire sub-forums

U- rakhiji, saneles, chitrala
I- aragorn
"Poorna Independence!! Common civil code!!!"- bhagat Sprite singh

Last edited by sprite; November 10th, 2009 at 04:02 AM.


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